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Ms Investment Fund of East Africa (MsIFEA)


Fundraising Structure

Ms Investment Fund of East Africa (MsIFEA) is a privately held fund and investment fund management entity established by Blue Luxury Investments (BLI) that is registered both in Kampala, Uganda and the UK.

We have several successfully negotiated and completed deals with similar investors and businesses that were facilitated over the past year. We are a growth oriented company with plans to divest into other businesses including internet marketing, event planning and bi-annual financial investment education and information conferences throughout East African countries. We have collaborative agreements with various companies and organizations within Uganda, Kenya, UK and Spain among others.

Because of the economic climate in the East African Countries and the demand of investors throughout Africa, Asia and other European countries the demand for our services is high as we put investors that seek high returns with viable companies seeking available funding whether it is debt financing or capital venture investments.
MsIFEA is a collaboration of private investors making investments in businesses throughout East Africa through debt financing, private equity and venture capital vehicles. Investment funds will be formed and managed to allow investors more investment opportunities with higher long term growth. MsIFEA will strive to help businesses and investors through professional advisory, management and information to facilitate growth and success.

MsIFEA strives to nurture economic growth, to individuals, businesses and communities within East African Countries, by bringing needed funding to entrepreneurs and businesses, whether a new start-up business, assisting with debt relief or providing capital for expansion and growth in existing businesses.
We recruit and invite private investors to join our existing funds or newly formed funds that will meet their specific interests and requirements. We then present well prepared, screened and coached business investment opportunities to the individual fund officers to decide if the fund should invest or not.

We recruit and invite entrepreneurs and existing businesses to submit proposals to meet their funding needs whether to start a new business, refinance existing debt or venture capital to allow for growth and expansion of their existing business.

MsIFEA wants to facilitate the success of both investor and business through working with all parties with professional management, advisory, consultation and education services. Providing consultation and guidance in order to; protect the investors’ interests while nurturing the growth and success of businesses clients.

Matching Capital and Funding with Entrepreneurs and Businesses throughout Africa through fundraising and capacity building to facilitate growth and production.

Fund Categories

Performance Review

In order to meet the needs of investors, communities and businesses throughout the countries of East Africa MsIFEA will create Investment Funds that focus on specific industries, business and funding types as well as size of investment.
Each fund will have a Board of Review consisting of at least 3 and not more than 7 enlisted and appointed members of that fund that will be charged with periodic review of well screened and checked funding proposals conducted by MsIFEA and submitted for approval to the board. The board will also be responsible for quarterly performance reviews of the fund(s).

The fund management company of MsIFEA will receive 2% of investment and 10 percent of profits realized by the investment. MsIFEA will also charge the portfolio business client a fee for accepting, reviewing, assessing, appraising and reviewing their investment proposal. We will also offer further services of rewriting existing proposals or creating a new proposal for the purpose of securing funding.

We want to facilitate the success of both investors and businesses through working with all parties with professional management, advisory, consultation and education services. Providing consultation and guidance in order to; protect the investors’ interests while nurturing the growth and success of businesses clients.

Africa Rising Investment Fund

Our first fund, the Africa Rising Investment Fund will be made up of no more than 100 investors with minimum of USD 5,000 up to maximum of USD 50,000 and will focus on new start-ups and small businesses. In order to minimize risks the investments will be in amounts commensurate with ability of the business to manage and/or on an “as needed basis”. The goal is to facilitate growth and success of these businesses through consultation, mentoring, advisory, and management assistance. The fundraising period will last 12 months for conception with life of 1 to 3 years. Exit strategy will be combination of Revaluation and Fundraising, Convertible Debt, Merger and Acquisition.

East Africa Growth Investment Fund Group

To learn more about the fund and how you can invest please get in touch here .

The East Africa Growth Investment Fund Group will be made up of no more than 20 investors with a minimum investment of USD 50,000 and maximum of USD 1,000,000. The focus of this fund will be for growth companies with high rate of return and proposals for capital to make improvements, new acquisitions and plans for expansion. This fund will look for business investments for a life of three to five years and have a fundraising period of 12 months or until 20 investors are committed. The exit strategy for this fund will be a combination of IPO, Convertible Equity, Secondary Deals and Private sale of equity.